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Welcome!  We appreciate your visit and interest in us.  At Haiti Global Investments, our vision is the development of a new Haiti through the creation of long-term,strategically-placed business investments made in the spirit of partnerships - not just aid. We are dedicated to help businesses achieve their investments goals in Haiti.  Our team of highly specialized professionals is here to provide clients with advisory services and tools to design and implement efficient strategies that will help them start and maintain a business in the reconstruction of Haiti.  Additionally, we have in-house expertise with a staff dedicated to assist. 

We provide representation for international companies who wish to establish themselves in Haiti or expand their existing business base by supplying them with all the logistical and business development support and services they may require


Haiti Global Investments is your partner in Haiti:

Our mission is to help your company efficiently and affordably expand in Haiti.

Setting up your  Haitian operation and develop a marketing strategy can be realized in a matter of weeks, not months. We know our markets, the mentality, the language and customary behavior and are eager to bring you results.

Depending on your needs, goals and of course the nature of your company, HGI can implement the entire spectrum of representation services. Our services range from basic office representation and market research to all aspects of in-country installation.

We have offices in Washington, DC. and Haiti staffed with experienced multi-lingual professionals to effectively serve your needs and help meet your objectives. Their global experience and background cover the full range of expertise required to provide the following listed services amongst others:

  • Fast track to project financing
  • Needs assessment and implementation
  • Monitoring of new and up-coming opportunities
  • Guidance during bid process
  • Networking/Consortium building
  • Client Representation to IFIs

HGI introduces AROME Coffee. 

The AROME Coffee line is our new business venture providing full service distribution of high-quality coffee from Haiti to coffee houses and espresso stands throughout the United States.

We have firm commitments to distribute several high-quality brand of Haitian coffee, and have verbal commitments from independent retailers throughout US market to carry our product.  We are presently distributing AROME, derived from 100% pure organic green beans of the highest quality from the plantation of Nan Kle in the charming mountain peaks of Pestel. We plan to distribute more products within 30-60 days of finalizing financial arrangements. If you are interested in a distribution deal. Contact us



New IDB study raises estimates to between $8 billion and $14 billion, making Jan. 12 earthquake proportionately the most destructive natural disaster of modern times

 The cost of rebuilding Haiti’s homes, schools, roads and other infrastructure could soar to nearly $14 billion, according to a new study by economists at the Inter-American Development Bank.

The study offers a preliminary estimate of the potential damages resulting from the January 12 earthquake, using simple regression techniques employing data from past natural disasters and their damage estimates.  It takes into account several variables including the magnitude of the disaster, the number of fatalities, and the affected country’s population and per capita GDP.
A detailed accounting of the cost of reconstruction will emerge in coming months as a full Post Disaster Needs Assessment is completed. But the new IDB study indicates the cost is likely to be larger than anticipated. The study calculates damages assuming either 200,000 or 250,000 people dead or missing (as of Feb. 11, the Haitian government had reported 230,000 dead).